Even though we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in Lockdown this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn on the charm and let your mom know how much you care! It might be a little more challenging if you’re not locked down in the same house as your mom, but with a little bit of effort and creativity, it can still be a special day for a very special lady!


Cook a special meal

If you’re in the same house as your mom, you can cook her favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner, set the table, pick some flowers from the garden and light a candle. If you’re treating her to breakfast in bed, we’d suggest adding a splash of colour with a flower or two from the garden. If you’re not in the same house as your mom, but she lives close-by, you can always prepare a meal or bake a batch of cookies or brownies and drop them off on your way to the shop. Just remember to hold off on the hugs for now and follow the necessary safety precautions.


Make a slideshow/video

This one has no limits on the distance between you and your mom. You can put together a slideshow or video of some of your favourite memories together and send them to her digitally. And you don’t even need a graphic design degree to pull this off. Here are a few apps you can use:
- Canva is an easy to use and free web app 

- Good old PowerPoint gets the job done

- iMovie is a great option for Apple users

- Google Slides is a solid option you can easily use for free


Have a spa Day at home

Let mom get comfortable on the couch with her feet up and treat her to a DIY pedicure, manicure or head, neck and shoulder massage. She’ll love getting rid of the lockdown stress. And since the salons are still closed, you’ll be doing her a great service. It doesn’t have to be fancy.


Here’s how to do an easy, but effective pedicure at home:

  • Prep nails for your at-home pedicure (remove any nail polish)
  • Soak toes and feet
  • Trim and shape toenails
  • Massage feet with lotion
  • Pick a pretty paint colour

Click HERE to see each step in more detail.


Watch a movie

Have mom pick her favourite movie, or you can pick one you know she’ll love and watch it with her. You can even binge-watch a show with her. If you're stuck at your own home far away from mom, there are ways around this. Netflix has a handy feature called Netflix Party that allows you to watch the same movie or show with your friends and family. But you can get the same effect by simply putting on the same movie or show and chatting over whatsapp or video call, whatever tickles your fancy. 


Host a special game night

This is another great idea you can do whether you’re in the same house or not. Thank goodness for video calling, hey?! The trick is to set up the same game on both sides. Then you set up your laptop or phone so that you can easily see the board and players and there you go. You can also try online games such as JackBox Party games for some virtual family fun!


Order a gift online

With lockdown relaxed to level 4, we’ve got more options in store and online. You can brighten up her day by buying a bunch of flowers online and have it delivered to her door. Or a care package filled with her favourite snacks, a face mask and hand sanitizer or lotion will do wonders and let her know you care. 


Even if you can’t do any of the above, the most important thing is to let your mom know you love her and appreciate her. If need be, a simple phone call will do for now. We can always celebrate properly once it is safe to do so.  


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If you need any information about the current pandemic please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za/.



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