It is often reported that South Africans are bad savers, so what better time to teach your teenage children about saving, than in Youth Month. Few teenagers would be thinking about retirement, but retirement planning is a lifelong commitment and something that parents should speak to their children about – especially before they start their first job.

Do you get flu every year? Think you know how to spot an old wives’ tale? There are some common flu myths that are perpetuated annually and, while many contain a grain of truth, most contain more fiction than fact. To prepare you for the next flu season, bsmart decided to look to the experts for their views on some of the most popular flu myths.

So many aspects of our daily lives are influenced by the fuel price, not just the money spent on transport. According to Netstar, when the fuel price increases, you’ll be paying more for entertainment, food, service providers’ call-out fees and it can even negatively affect rental prices. Although we can’t help lower costs, we can help you to change your driving behaviour (so you use less fuel) and by paying out cashback for your everyday purchases; moreover, you’ll be safer when you’re behind the wheel.

So, what can you do to reduce your fuel consumption?

While the temperature drops in winter, what goes up are your expenses. Habits change when the weather turns cooler and this usually has an impact on your bank balance. To help you stick to your monthly budget, here are the winter costs you’ll need to prepare for.

The cost of electricity in South Africa might be increasing this year. To reduce your usage and keep those electricity bills down, here are five quick and easy tips on conserving energy in your home.

We all crave it – the fancy car (or at least one where the kids have more space), a bigger house (with a big garden), or a trip overseas, the list goes on. The problem with these big-ticket purchases is they cost a lot of money, which can increase stress levels.

People always think it’s a great, big deed that’s needed to make a difference; only huge events can act as a catalyst. It’s so often that we overlook the small deeds, and they are the ones that can have the most significant impact on our everyday lives.

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