Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I view / get access to my available balance?
  • Download the bsmart App on your smartphone (find the download instructions on our website)
  • View it on your Online Statement
  • *Please allow 48 hours after your last purchase for your online account to be updated.
2How does the purchase month and payment at month end work?
Each purchase month runs from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the next month. All purchases made during the purchase month must be settled at the end of the month. (E.g. Purchases made between 16 January and 15 February must be settled in full at the end of February)
1Can I use my bsmart card at any retailer?
The bsmart card can be used at any of the more than 10 200 participating retailers nationwide.
2Where can I find more information on the participating retailers?
1. Where can I Save Page

2. The bsmart App
3As the bsmart head office is situated in the Western Cape and Cape Town specifically, does only Western Cape retailers accept the bsmart card?
No. The bsmart card is recognized and accepted nationwide.
1Can I get a bsmart card for my family members?
Yes. The main member can obtain up to 3 additional cards for direct family members.
2How can I order additional cards for my family members?
If the request was not completed on the application form the main member can contact a Member Experience Specialist on 021 409 7600
1When will I know the bonus is paid?

The bonus value will be credited to your bsmart account on the morning of the 7th of November 2018. As soon as this is done you will receive sms and/or email communication from us with the bonus amount you have earned.

2Is my bonus paid out in cash?

No, it is credited to your bsmart account. The amount due at the end of the month will therefore be smaller because of your bonus and you will ultimately have more cash in your pocket to spend on whatever you want.

3On what purchase period is my bonus based?

If you joined bsmart before 17 October 2016 your bonus is calculated on all purchases between 16 June 2017 and 15 June 2018.
If you joined bsmart after 17 October 2016 your bonus is calculated on all purchases between 16 October 2017 and 15 October 2018.

4How do I know on which transactions I earned bonus and which not?

Bonus is earned on all purchases excluding petrol and prescription medicine.

5What does the temporary limit increase I am getting mean?

On 7 November we will increase your current purchase limit with an amount equal to your bonus. For example, if your bonus is a R1000 we will also increase your purchase limit with a R1000, as we understand that during the festive season you may need to spend a little bit more. This temporary limit will only be available to use until 15 November 2018. Any spend against your temporary limit during this period is payable before or on 30 November 2018.

Kindly refrain from purchasing against your temporary limit if you do not want to spend more than your existing purchase limit.

6Who can I contact for more information?

Kindly send an email to or call a member experience specialist on 021 409 7600 for assistance.

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