As we say goodbye to the hot summer days and welcome in the colder weather, it’s time to start preparing for winter. From cosy nights in front of the fireplace watching Netflix, to making your family’s favourite hearty winter soup, winter brings its own charm. It also brings specific challenges like colds and flu, but these challenges can easily be overcome with a little preparation in the autumn months. We’ve listed a few ways you can get a head start on your winter prep with the help of bsmart and our retail partners.

  1. Warm Clothing for the whole family: Start your winter prep by scanning through the wardrobes at home. Do your children have enough warm shoes and jackets? Don’t forget about yourself too, do you have enough warm clothing? Check out bsmart’s retail partners, like selected stores from the TFG Group, for winter clothing options that range from budget-friendly to more luxurious.
  2. Prepare Your Winter Menu: Winter is not complete without juicy roasts, hearty soups, and yummy hot drinks. Stock up your cupboards with all your favourite winter foods and essentials. You can find all of these at bsmart’s partner retailers, like Woolworths, for the best quality.

  3. Stock Up on Winter Essentials: Many people forget about getting winter essentials and remember when it’s too late. An example of a winter essential would be an umbrella, and you could get this at Game, one of bsmart’s retail partners.
  4. Home Heating Solutions: The temperatures are sure to drop so the question is: is your home ready to fight the cold? Consider shopping for home heating solutions like panel heaters, gas heaters or even an electric blanket. Shop at bsmart's retail partners, like our selected Builder’s Warehouse stores, and you will find a wide range of heating solutions that will suit your needs and budget.
  5. Ready Yourself for Unexpected Twists: In South Africa, we're not strangers to those gusty storms that sweep in and play havoc with power lines and trees. Next thing you know the power's out, roads are blocked, and you're left in the dark—literally. So, what's the game plan? Well, for starters, it wouldn't hurt to stash away some survival goodies. Think non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, and a few trusty candles. These won’t only be useful during these emergencies, but also during loadshedding. If you need to get these survival goodies, visit bsmart's retail partners, like Pick 'n Pay and selected U-Save stores, and stock up.
  6. Winter Essentials for Well-being: Surviving winter isn't all about cosy scarves and dodging raindrops. Your body needs to be battle-ready too, especially against those cold and flu viruses in the chilly air. Load up on vitamins, cold remedies, and moisturisers to keep the family fighting fit and hydrated when the temperatures drop. You can get all these essentials at bsmart's nationwide retail partners, Clicks and DisChem. So, gear up and let's show winter who's boss!

  7. Plan Ahead for Holidays: Lastly, don't forget to start planning for the school holidays! The school holidays start’s in the heart of winter, which means your kids are going to be mostly indoors looking to be fed and entertained. But don’t worry, bsmart has you covered on both these fronts. We suggest you stock up on your children’s favourite snacks and bring out board games that will keep them entertained for hours. You can find budget friendly items at selected bsmart’s retailers, like Shoprite and Checkers.
  8. Get Ready for the Frosty Rugby Season: For heaps of people here in South Africa, winter is their favourite because of the rugby season! Whether you're a die-hard fan or you just relish the atmosphere and gusto of live matches, now's the time to snag your tickets. Thankfully, bsmart has linked with Jam Club, making it a breeze to snap up your tickets early. By locking in your tickets through bsmart’s Jam Club collaboration, you nail down your spot at the game and get cashback rewards along the way.
  9. Give Priority to Your Well-being with Health Assurance: Keeping your health in tip-top shape is a year-round job, but during the chillier months, we're more prone to sniffles and flu bugs. That's why having an all-encompassing medical aid plan becomes a real must during the colder snap. With bsmart’s partner, MedXpert. Talk to them and they will help you to pinpoint the perfect medical aid scheme for you and your tribe has never been smoother.
  10. Safeguard Your Ride with IntegriSure: Winter doesn't just dish out frosty tempuratures; it also brings dicey driving scenarios like drizzly, slippery streets. They up the chances of car mishaps, meaning having comprehensive car coverage is non-negotiable. Through bsmart’s partner, IntegriSure, you can shield your vehicle against untoward incidents on the road. IntegriSure's the go-to insurance sage, crafting bespoke insurance plans tailored to your unique needs, giving your vehicle total protection against accidents or mishaps.

In conclusion

Winter prep may seem like an obstacle and looming task, but by starting your prep early you will get ahead of it before the cold is here. From warm clothing for the entire family, to vitamins and cold remedies, bsmart has a retail partner that will have everything you may need and want for this winter season. Remember, when you swipe your bsmart card at any of the mentioned bsmart retailers, you earn a cashback reward. So embrace the season and make the most out of winter with bsmart by your side!