The cost of keeping your child in school can really add up, not even to mention when you start tallying all the extras like school uniforms and stationery costs. Calculating the actual cost of one South African school day can help motivate you to start saving for your child's education if you haven’t started yet. Apart from stashing a bunch of cash under the mattress or taking it out of the budget and putting it in a bank account every month, we’ve got another solution for you that could get you kick-started and help you bsmart.


School-Days provides the platform for you to save towards a bursary. If you have a School-Days Shopping card, you know the drill. Every time you swipe and pay with your School Days Shopping card you are contributing to your child’s education and future. Watch this quick video to learn about how to build your very own School Days bursary.


Team up


Not sure what to get your grandchild or niece? Why not contribute to their bursary. Get your friends and family involved by having them contribute to your child's bursary so that it will grow even faster. Once you’ve teamed up, you can keep track of what your team is contributing to your bursary through your dashboard.


Bursary boosting


Apart from the regular savings you’ll rack up, you or your family and friends can make ‘Boost Up’ contributions to supercharge your bursary even more.


It’s really easy:

  1. Log in to your School-Days dashboard:
  2. Click on the 'Boost Up' instruction
  3. Follow the instructions to EFT or set up a monthly debit order


Link it up


Shopping at any of the School Days partners and a percentage of your spend will be added to your bursary. Getting the School-Days Shopping Card unlocks bursary contributions from additional retailers such as PnP, Checkers, Woolworths, Game, Builders Warehouse, Pep, Ackermans and many more.


Linking your Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefit card makes it even easier to save! You only need to swipe your linked Dis-Chem card to get a portion of your spend back and save it towards your bursary.


The School Days community of partners want to support you! They'll add a percentage of your spend with them to your bursary!


Spend your savings


So, you’ve built up at least one month's worth of fees in your School Days bursary and you want to access it to pay for your child’s school, college or university. Simply log in, complete a redemption request or contact School Days on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and sit back, they'll take it from there. Remember you'll need to have the equivalent of at least one month's worth of fees before you can use your bursary.


bsmart has been rolling out new School Days Shopping Cards under the School-Days Program and bsmart brand since January 2019. The School Days Shopping Cards have exactly the same functionality as the normal bsmart cards, but you can allocate their cash-back bonuses towards school fees and tertiary education bursaries. It is an extension of the current bsmart cash-back program with the same collection fees/rebates are payable by you as per the original agreement with bsmart and the same payment terms apply.

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At bsmart we help our members save, and pay out cash-back bonuses every three months or annually. To learn more about bsmart contact us or click here to sign up directly through our website.