The first school holidays of the year are here and the kids are excited to play all day. Even though this isn’t the longest break in the school year, coming up with new ways to keep them entertained can put a strain on you. Plus, having a bunch of screen-locked zombies wandering around the house isn’t anyone's idea of a fun holiday. So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep the kids busy and happy during the holidays.

Make a movie

Everyone has access to a smartphone these days. So why not give your children the task of documenting their holiday adventures, or have them write and star in their own play. It would definitely get their creative juices flowing and by the end of the holiday they’ll have something to remember it by.

Set up camp in the living room

Summer is slowly slipping away, so if the weather isn’t playing along for that well deserved camping trip, why not set up camp in the living room. Use sheets, pillows and blankets to create a cozy getaway in the comfort of your own home. You can even pack a picnic basket and the whole family can enjoy their lunch in the fort.

Green fingers

Allocate an area in the garden, a few pots on the patio or on a windowsill to each child. They can start their own little garden and watch the progress of their plants. Use your bsmart card when shopping for gardening tools, and you’ll get cash-back that you could use to expand on your garden by the time the next holiday comes around.

Get out of the house

Go to the beach for ice cream, go for a walk in the park or get the whole family in the car and head to a quaint nearby town and spend the day exploring the cobbled streets. You could simply even walk the dog or attend a class together. It won’t only get your blood pumping, but it is the perfect opportunity for a little bonding time.

Get creative in the kitchen

Kids love being involved, so why not rope them in to read the recipe out loud or help you knead the dough or whisk the eggs while they’re at it. They might just learn something along the way, and perhaps it’ll spark a young masterchef deep inside. It could be something simple, like scrambled eggs on toast or they can try their hand at decorating cupcakes. Who knows, one of these days they might be surprising you with some breakfast in bed or a birthday cake. You can use your bsmart card to stock up all the baking and cooking goodies you need – and you can earn cashback on your purchases. To find the closest retailer in your area, click here.


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Disclaimer: These tips and tricks are just suggestions. There are loads of other ideas that might suit your family better. The above article is for information purposes only.