Earlier this year we called on the expertise of our bsmart members. We wanted to know where you shop to get the best deals on everyday essentials, such as milk, nappies, fruit and veg and anything on your shopping list. Do you shop around? Or do you do all your shopping in one spot?

Our members heeded our call and shared some of their wisdom with us:

- I buy all my goodies in one place. It depends on my mood but if I need soft avo's, I’ll visit Woolworths!

- I shop where the specials are.

- I buy everything at one place, but will travel for specials.


- I will shop around for specials, if it is in a radius of 2 to 3 km.


- I shop at Woolworths for certain items and Checkers for others. Spar only if absolutely needed. 


- I buy fresh veggies at Woolworths, meat at Spar, and the rest at Checkers.


- I take brochures from Pick n Pay and Checkers, and check them against my shopping list before heading to the shops.


- I also check prices between Pick n Pay, Checkers and Woolworths, and plan my shopping accordingly.

We did some more digging and here’s what we found:



Tips and tricks:


  • Do some research before heading to the shops. Search for an online brochure, visit the store website, or save those inserts you get with the weekly newspaper and compare it to your shopping list. Make notes of the cheaper items and calculate whether it would be worth the extra trip.


  • Don’t fall for name brand marketing ploys. Big names or fancy packaging can really hike up the price. Buy no name or house brand if you can. 


  • Keep an eye open for 2-for-1 deals even if you don’t need two at the moment.


  • Ask your friends and family for their recommendations. They are your most trustworthy and reliable source. 


  • Always swipe your loyalty cards. Even the smallest purchase can add to your rewards, cashback or points. Be sure to use any vouchers available on your cards. 


  • Remember to use your bsmart card! Everytime you swipe your bsmart card you are adding to your annual cashback bonus. Click HERE to see which retailers accept the bsmart card in your area.


  • Join our members group on Facebook and share your tips and tricks with us. We’d love to hear how you save while shopping.



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