Retirement is an odd thing to plan for, as it has to be done many years before you even consider handing in your retirement letter and winding down. When it comes to retirement, there are many different options you can choose from to look after yourself, and possibly your partner, but what if you want to do more than that? What if you want to provide for your family – children and grandchildren – even after you’re gone? Here are a few options from the experts.

Thanks to your support, it’s been an incredible year for bsmart, which means we’re over the moon to announce that our annual cashback bonus pool for 2018 stands at a whopping R28m. This brings the total bonus payouts to our members for the past four years to R138m.

It’s official - South Africa is in a technical recession. It’s the first time since 2008 that the country has again slipped into recession and the result is some serious financial strain. While this now has people rechecking budgets, cutting costs and recalculating their finances, the question on everyone’s minds is “How will this affect me on a daily basis?” 

It is often reported that South Africans are bad savers, so what better time to teach your teenage children about saving, than in Youth Month. Few teenagers would be thinking about retirement, but retirement planning is a lifelong commitment and something that parents should speak to their children about – especially before they start their first job.

The cost of electricity in South Africa might be increasing this year. To reduce your usage and keep those electricity bills down, here are five quick and easy tips on conserving energy in your home.

We all know that we should be saving more each month, but do you know why you’re saving? Get into good money saving-habits today and gain financial freedom for tomorrow.

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