Have you been swiping your bsmart card to earn a cashback this summer? If not, we are here to help. We’ve lined up a few of SA’s hottest specials where you can use your bsmart card and save big bucks while you’re at it. 

Scroll down for some spectacular summer savings!


  • Game - Your Ultimate Destination for Summer Delights

For a considerable time, Game has been a reliable choice for individuals in search of a varied selection of products at competitive rates. This season, Game is going the extra mile with exclusive deals on outdoor furniture, cooling appliances, and recreational gear. Whether you're planning a get-together in your backyard or a day at the shore, Game has your needs covered. Keep an eye out for their periodic offerings and incentives, as they might enhance your savings on essential summer items.

  • Makro - Wholesome Savings for a Hot Season

Makro is widely recognised for its offerings of wholesale savings, and this summer is no different. From swim gear to camping essentials and outdoor furnishings, Makro caters to all your requirements for an enjoyable summer at unparalleled prices. If you possess a bsmart card, you have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive cashback opportunities by swiping your card at Makro, elevating the gratification of your summer shopping spree.

  • Woolworths - Fresh, Quality, and Savings Combined

Woolworths, recognised for its dedication to quality, presents an enticing assortment of summer offers. From recently harvested, locally acquired goods to fashionable summer attire, Woolworths caters to diverse preferences. With a focus on sustainability and ethical procurement, shoppers can indulge in responsible shopping. What's more? Utilise your bsmart card seamlessly at Woolworths, unlocking cashback benefits on your acquisitions, ensuring you economise while enjoying the season.

  • Food Lovers Market - Fresh Flavours and Hot Deals

For those who value the purity of fresh, seasonal produce, Food Lovers Market serves as a welcoming destination. This summer, explore their lively array of fruits, vegetables, and other culinary delights. Whether orchestrating a picnic or simply desiring to relish the tastes of summer, Food Lovers Market offers alluring deals to captivate your taste buds. And, of course, remember to leverage your bsmart card for garnering cashback rewards on your grocery shopping escapades.

  • Builder's Warehouse - Crafting Your Summer Haven

Revamp your living spaces for the summer with Builder's Warehouse. From patio furniture and essential braai equipment to garden embellishments and DIY tools, Builder's Warehouse caters comprehensively to your summer needs. Stay vigilant for their periodic promotions, and as you engage your bsmart card during your shopping spree, you'll be augmenting cashback into your savings, converting your home enhancement projects into financially savvy endeavours.

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