Mobile contracts are quick to offer loads of free minutes and SMSs, but when it comes to data, they are either incredibly limited or unbelievably expensive. No matter what type of plan you’re on, you want to ensure that you stretch your data as far as possible.

You may be asking: “but how?” Yes, most apps on your phone need data to function properly, so how do you go about saving your data when you want to be posting banging boomerangs on Instagram, sending quick voice notes on Whatsapp or showing off your latest recipe on Facebook? At bsmart, we have a few tips that could make your data last a little longer:

  • WiFi

Always connect to available WiFi wherever you go! Whether it be at home, at the office or in a coffee shop the WiFi code should be available and you seldom have to pay for WiFi usage in public spaces anymore (finally). Don’t be afraid to ask for the code - it’s part of life these days! You can even switch off your mobile data to ensure that you don’t unknowingly switch and start chewing through your mobile data.

  • Turn off automatic updates

Go to the settings in your app store and disable “auto-update apps”. This will stop apps from updating in the background whenever a new update is available and using all your data. Make a point of it to only download new apps and update existing apps when you are connected to the WiFi.

  • Don’t roam unless you’re actually roaming

Always make sure your data roaming is turned off - unless you’re travelling abroad of course. But even then, stick to WiFi hotspots when posting and sending pictures of your getaway in Greece to your family members suffering from FOMO back home.

  • Delete unused apps

Unused apps take up space on your phone and use data when checking for notifications and when the time comes to update. Rather delete it than save it for a rainy day. You can always download it again if you need it. 

  • Keep track of your usage

You can check your data usage by opening the settings on your phone and clicking on “Data Usage” under “Wireless and Networks”. The menu options in the settings on your phone may differ slightly, depending on your phone model. This will show you exactly how much data you’ve been using and what you’ve been using it for. Perhaps this will be the motivation you need to cut back on the time you spend scrolling through Pinterest as well. 

  • Shop at bsmart’s retail partners

If you are a bsmart member, you can purchase airtime, data, and cell phones at specific bsmart retail partners while earning a cashback. Visit your nearest MTN or PEP Cell branch where you will find the best deals on airtime, data, and cell phones. Don’t forget to swipe your bsmart card and earn a cashback bonus every time you swipe.


These small changes can save a lot of data and soon you’ll even have some left at the end of the month instead of running out a few days in. Don’t wait any longer, go switch off your mobile data and automatic updates now!

At bsmart we help our members save, and pay out cashback bonuses quarterly or annually- your choice. To learn more about bsmart contact us or click here to sign up directly through our website.