It’s February and love is in the air with Valentine's Day just around the corner! Are you maybe in a new relationship, a newlywed couple, happily married for years, or simply just eyeing someone special? This Valentine’s Day, practice the timeless tradition and express your love with romantic, thoughtful gifts. In this blog, we'll not only explore heartfelt gift ideas for every stage of your love life, but also show you how to make the best of those purchases with a little extra love using your bsmart card.


“Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like.” - UNKNOWN
Nothing beats the excitement and joy that comes with a new relationship. In this phase of a relationship, a thoughtful gift will go a long way to showing your affection and intention. Here’s an idea… Think about making a personalised photo album filled with your favourite memories or prepare in advance for the winter months with a cosy blanket and some of your favourite snacks. Look no further than our retail partners, Woolworths and Clicks. They have loaded up the shelves with creative and fun Valentine’s goodies.


“When I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you and I’m home.” - DORI, FINDING NEMO
Newlyweds, right now, every day is like Valentines Day to you. But remember, just because you are married now, does not mean you can’t continue the romance. Build your connection and life together with a romantic weekend away, a cooking class or perhaps a shopping date where you hunt for something specific for your new home. If it’s a piece of furniture, remember to pop in at our retail partner OK Furniture. After all, home is where the heart is.


“A good marriage is one where each partner suspects they got the better deal.” - UNKNOWN
After years of shared laughter, tears, and countless adventures, together you are the light and example to those just setting out. For you we think a romantic date night at home is the perfect idea. It’s time to pause and reflect on your journey together and celebrate your successes as a couple. Plan your meal, go shopping at one of our retail partners, Food Lovers or Checkers. Both have a wonderful deli section. Don’t hold back - splash out on all your favourites. Then dress for the occasion, pop some bubbly and enjoy time with your best friend.


“When you love somebody, you go deaf, dumb and blind.” - THE WAY WE WERE
Are you love struck? Let’s help you out. Out of all the relationship stages, Valentine's Day was made for you, so don’t lose out on this perfect opportunity to get noticed and appreciated for how amazing and thoughtful you are. The way we see it, you have two choices; A subtle expression, like a bouquet of flowers from one of the florists in our retailer network or be bold with a beautiful piece of jewelry from one of our jewelry partners Sterns or American Swiss.


Love is a journey and expressing it through thoughtful gifts can make every step even more memorable. This Valentine's Day, let your heart guide you in choosing the perfect token of affection for your loved one. And don't forget to maximise the joy by using your bsmart card at partner retailers. Join bsmart and keep on shopping at the places you know and love, turning each purchase into a celebration of love and savings. Happy Valentine's Day!

The month of December is a period of delight, merriment, and unity. It's also a time when our financial resources often experience a strain as we ready ourselves for seasonal parties and events, purchase gifts for loved ones, and host celebrations. Nevertheless, with a well-conceived budget and plan and the assistance of your bsmart card, you can savour the holiday season to the fullest without going beyond your financial boundaries. In this blog, we share six smart spending tips to guide you through the financial challenges of the festive season while ensuring you optimise your financial reserves using your bsmart card.

1. Set a realistic holiday budget

One of the first steps in smart spending during December is to establish a clear and realistic budget for the month. Start by listing all your anticipated expenses, including food, gifts, decorations, travel, and entertainment. Next, allocate specific amounts to each category based on your financial situation. Your bsmart card's transaction history can provide insights into your past spending. Use this approach to learn from your past spending habits and to set a more accurate budget.

2. Leverage the power of your bsmart card

Your bsmart card is a valuable tool for keeping your budget in check. When used in conjunction with other loyalty program cards, it offers the best of both worlds – instant rewards from the retailer and cash back savings in your bsmart account for the future. By accumulating points or cashback on your bsmart card throughout the year, you can enjoy the added benefit of a bonus payout in November each year which can go towards your year-end budget. If you weren’t so savvy with your bsmart card this year, now is a great time to start using your bsmart card.

3. Take advantage of the bsmart network

One of the fantastic features of the bsmart card is the cashback rewards it offers. Many retailers and online stores partner with bsmart to provide exclusive cashback deals to bsmart cardholders. Before you set out to do your festive season shopping, check for partner stores in your area and plan your purchases accordingly. By making the most of cashback offers, you can stretch your budget further and put money back into your wallet.

4. Shop smartly for gifts

Gift-giving is a significant part of the holiday season, and it's easy to overspend if you're not careful. Start by creating a list of people you want to buy gifts for and set a budget for each person. Consider thoughtful, meaningful gifts that fit within your budget, and don't feel pressured to overspend.

5. Stay financially disciplined

Lastly, maintaining financial discipline is essential throughout December. Avoid the temptation to overspend or use credit unwisely. Instead, use your bsmart card as a tool to stay within your budget and enjoy the holiday season without financial stress. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Make a gift list and stick to it when shopping.
  • Prioritise expenses that are in your budget.
  • Take advantage of holiday sales, discounts, and promotions when shopping for food, gifts, activities, and more.
  • Do not open new credit accounts solely for festive season spending.


With these smart spending tips and the power of your bsmart card, you can navigate the challenges of December while maximising your savings. By setting a realistic budget, leveraging cashback offers, and planning your purchases wisely, you can enjoy the holiday season without the fear of budget blowouts. Remember, your bsmart card is your partner in financial management, offering you the best of both worlds – smart moves today and savings for the future. So, go ahead and make the most of the festive season while keeping your financial goals in mind.

The festive season is almost here, and it's a joyful time to prepare for the festivities. There's something enchanting about this season that motivates us to get organised. To help you prepare and keep the stress levels at bay, we would like to share some practical tips on how to get ready for the holidays and be budget-conscious along the way, all while making good use of your bsmart card.

Black Friday: The Ultimate Shopping Extravaganza

Let's start off with Black Friday, shall we? It's that special time of year when you can find amazing deals on everything you’ve been keeping your eye on, from gifts to home essentials, and even holiday necessities. What's the key to saving even more? It's as straightforward as using your bsmart card, which can be quite beneficial for your finances. You shop during the sales and earn much-needed cashback with bsmart. Before you venture out on your Black Friday shopping spree, it's a wise move to explore the bsmart website to become acquainted with the bsmart retailers in your area. This way, you can plan your purchases thoughtfully and make well-informed decisions to optimise your savings.

Cyber Monday: Tech Treats and Home Office Upgrades

Don’t just prepare for the festive season, prepare for the New Year as well! Many of us will continue working from home next year. This is where Cyber Monday becomes a great opportunity that many people overlook. It presents the perfect time to discover fantastic deals on work-from-home equipment, electronics, and gadgets. And, as always, remember to leverage your bsmart card for additional cashback rewards. To find your bsmart retailers, visit the website. By capitalising on Cyber Monday savings, you can ensure your home office is well-equipped for another productive year.


But, it's not just about shopping and economising. There are other important aspects to take into consideration as well. Like family entertainment and security.

Plan Ahead for School Holidays

The school holidays are approaching, and if you have children, it's time to plan your trips and any events that you'll be attending. Start by making reservations for accommodations, activities, and any special outings you have in mind. Early planning can often lead to significant cost savings, so don't delay. Also be sure to check out bsmart partners like Jam Club for extra savings on travel.

Then, don’t forget to ensure you have all the necessary insurance in place for your vehicle, home, and home contents while you are away. This step provides peace of mind as you embark on your holiday adventures. By having the right insurance cover in place, you can protect your investments and enjoy your time away without worry.

Stock Up on Gifts and Holiday Snacks for the Festive Season

The festive season is a time of joy and generosity and snacking. Start stocking up on gifts for your loved ones, as well as holiday snacks and decorations for your home. Use your bsmart card for these purchases to earn cashback rewards that you can later redeem or use to offset your festive expenses next year. Of course, for this year you can capitalise on your bonus which has been made available to you as a balance on your bsmart card.

Plan your gift list in advance, taking note of your recipients' preferences and interests. Shopping early allows you to spread out your expenses and avoid the last-minute rush. Plus, with the savings from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can afford to be even more generous this year.



In conclusion

Getting a head start on your festive season preparations can make a significant difference in terms of savings and peace of mind. Using your bsmart card for all of your shopping is a smart way to make the most of these opportunities. Planning your holiday trips, events, and insurance in advance ensures a stress-free vacation period and early gift shopping spreads out your expenses.

Make this festive season joyful, budget-friendly, and stress-free with bsmart. Start now, and you'll be well-prepared to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Ever wonder where you can use your bsmart card? Well, you’re in luck. In this blog we’re going to give you a roundup of the retailers that form part of the bsmart network and accept payments with bsmart cards. 

A lot has changed since President Ramaphosa announced a nation-wide lockdown from Thursday 26 March. Just as we entered the 19th week in lockdown, we entered a revised level 3 as well. Many South Africans have rejoiced over the new levels of freedom that come with this level, but many South Africans are shaking their fists at their TV-sets every time we hear “my fellow South-Africans”. On Sunday, 12 July a curfew was reinstated, alcohol has been banned again and beaches remain closed.

When you decided to become a bsmart member, you became part of a group of budget-savvy people, who know how to spend and save money. If you haven’t been swiping your bsmart card at our retailer network, it's time to dust it off and start building your cashback again.

If you don’t have your own bsmart card yet, click HERE and be on your way to great savings and cashback bonuses.

So you’ve got your bsmart card, how do you start growing your cashback bonus?

You start earning your cashback bonus by swiping your bsmart card at partners of our bsmart retailer network:

  • Visit your closest supermarket this afternoon and pay for your purchases with your bsmart card. A percentage of your spend will be tallied and added to your cashback bonus. Examples of supermarkets on our retailer network are Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths.
  • Time for a new look? Use your card when you go to the hairdresser or salon and save towards your bonus while you look stylish. Examples of hair salons on our retailer network are Hair Studio International Tyger Valley Bellville and Hair Topic Kenilworth.
  • You can even swipe your bsmart card at your dental or doctor’s appointments if they are partners on our retail network.
  • Does your car need some TLC after a long holiday on the road? Get some new tyres or a service and pay for it with your bsmart card to add a percentage of your spend to your bsmart bonus. Examples of auto services on our retail network are select Autoworks branches.
  • Want to treat your family to a delicious dinner? You can pay with your bsmart card at selected restaurants all over the country. This will save you money and the trouble of having to do the dishes!
  • If you need to do some renovations around the house, we've got you covered too! Visit a DIY or hardware store in your area, like Game or Builders Warehouse, and save while spending with your bsmart card.


These are just some of the retailers and service providers where you can swipe your bsmart card and add to your bonus. The more you spend, the more you get back. Getting cashback is as easy as that. You can also add your family members to your bsmart account and save without even lifting a finger. All purchases made on cards linked to your account will add to your cashback bonus.

All purchases made during the purchase month must be settled at the end of the month. Each purchase month runs from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the next month. For example, purchases made between 16 January and 15 February must be settled in full at the end of February. You can view your online statement by logging in to your profile on our website.

Having trouble locating retailers that accept the bsmart card?

  1. Enter your location or the location of the area in which you want to see all the retailers that accept the bsmart card on the “Where can I shop?” page on our website.
  2. You can also filter by category if there is something specific you are searching for and cannot find it when searching for a specific retailer.

* Depending on device, browser and software, your website experience may differ. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Please note that even though you can pay for fuel and prescription medication with your bsmart card, these purchases do not qualify for savings towards your cashback bonus. 


At bsmart we help our members save, and payout cashback bonuses quarterly or annually – as you choose.

You know that feeling when your phone rings and you don’t know the number? You probably roll your eyes and think to yourself “I don’t have time or money to buy something I don’t really want, need or even know what it is.” You probably get a few of those calls a day.

Gift-giving is an integral part of life. Be it birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or Christmas, the ritual repeats annually. However, the perennial challenge remains – what to buy. Today, we're letting you in on a little secret…

We’ve got more than 12 000 retailers in our bsmart retail network where you can shop to your heart’s content while earning a cashback! We’re sure you’ll find something for everyone!

So first off, what makes a good gift? Ask yourself: Is it thoughtful, is it useful, and is it novel? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you have a winner. You might notice that we didn’t mention anything about the price tag. Well, that’s because the price has nothing to do with how good a gift you’re giving. You can even make it yourself!

Make it yourself options

Let’s face it, buying gifts for your loved ones can really add up and become expensive. We don’t know about you, but some homemade cookies, a batch of creamy fudge, or a do it yourself drinks kit sound like a good gift! So here are a few ideas you can give a try:

  1. Sweet or savoury treats is a great option. Bake or prepare a snack you know the person will love and put it in a simple brown paper bag or reuse a box or empty glass jar and tie some beautiful string around it. Voila!
  2. Body scrubs are really easy, inexpensive and fun to make. Click HERE for some heavenly recipes.
  3. Have a few remnants of candles left? Melt them all together in a pretty jar (make sure it is suitable to be used close to heat) and tie a ribbon around it. You can even add a sweet note or create your own label. No one else would be able to say they have this brand of candle!
  4. Try your hand at a craft. Potato paint a dishtowel. Knit a scatter cushion cover or knee blanket. Or crochet a trinket holder or pot plant cover for the plant lover in your life. Your time and effort will not be in vain!

There are so many ideas on the internet. Get searching and be creative!

Where to shop

If you’re thinking of buying your loved ones something sweet or some of their favourite snacks, these stores will have everything you need:

Shoprite | OK Foods | Checkers | Pick n Pay | Woolworths | Spar | Food Lovers Market

Do you have a DIY pro in your midst? Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves prettying their home. We’ve got a whole host of retailers that can help in this department:

Pep Home | Ok Furniture | Woolworths | Game | Builders Warehouse and more …

We all have one or two family members that are always dressed to the nines. Or perhaps gramps is in desperate need of some new shirts. Whether they are fashionistas or commit regular faux pas, everyone needs some news thread:

TFG Group | Pep | Ackermans | Jet | Edgars (Edcon Group) | Tekkie Town | Woolworths | Cape Union Mart | Old Khaki | Refinery | Shoe City | Poetry and more ... 

Everyone loves smelling nice and looking good. So why not head to some of our health and beauty retailers to find the perfect fragrance:

Clicks | Woolworths | Mullers Optometry | Dischem | Torga Optical | Medi Rite Pharmacy and more …


Spend smart for special occasions

Special occasions don't have to revolve around the grandest or most expensive gifts. Often, investing thought and consideration into a gift can carry far more meaning for the recipient than its monetary value.

If you are going to be spending some money, be sure to bsmart about it! Use your bsmart card at our retail network and add to you cashback bonus. And remember to use those loyalty cards as well while earning your cashback bonus! The savings really do add up when you use all the bsmart tools at your disposal.


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