You’ve probably scrolled through Facebook and came across image after image of perfectly portioned and brightly coloured lunches ready to go for the week. Pretty impressive right? If you haven’t started following the trend yourself, here are some tips on how to get started, and a few recipe suggestions.

You’ve probably heard the news buzzing with these three letters recently. The NHI is still far from a reality, but this is what you have to know so far. 

Spring has arrived in sunny Africa … well almost, it’s just starting to peek through the winter woes but we’re so excited to say goodbye to the cold until next year. We can’t think of anything that signifies the arrival of Spring more than blossoms blooming on bare branches and birds bustling about in the garden.

We’ve all been there ... Flipping through a magazine or scrolling on Instagram and spotting the house of your dreams! Or perhaps you love your house, you’d just like to change it up a bit and turn it into a home. It is a daunting task thinking about everything you have to do to reach that #housegoal status everyone dreams of. So here are a few pointers that could help you to get started with the process. 

Mandela Day is coming up! Each year on 18 July we think back on what Nelson Mandela did for our country and what still has to be done. Mandela Day is the perfect opportunity to make the world a better place, but we shouldn’t stop at just this one day in the middle of July. We should be making every day a Mandela Day to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Tata Madiba in a way that will bring about enduring change.

Listen, you don’t need a degree in accounting to stick to a budget – ultimately it’s just addition and subtraction. Once you realise what you’re spending your hard earned cash on every month, the importance of a budget becomes all the more clear. Scroll on down for a few tips that might just be the push you need to bsmart with your budget.

Instead of the usual petrol price increase on the first of this month, we were greeted with a very welcome petrol price drop of almost R1 per liter this week. Petrol is set to decline by 95 cents and 96 cents per litre and Diesel will come down by 75 cents and 76 cents per litre. This can really make a difference if you’re rushing across town to pick up the kids in your lunch break or dropping them off at ballet or rugby practice a few times a week. Unfortunately, the lower petrol price also came with an electricity increase in some municipalities. So we can’t go revving up a storm just yet! We have to save every drop!