The rolling blackouts of 2015 may seem like a distant memory for many South Africans, but the recent bouts of load-shedding have brought the disruptions starkly back into the spotlight. Aside from the inconvenience and cost implications, power outages have a darker side.

“When health is absent… wealth becomes useless.” This quote from ancient Greek physician Herophilus is just as relevant today, as when it was said more than 2 000 years ago. Over the years researchers have broadly connected financial wellness and physical health, but as we live in increasingly stressful financial times, this link has grown even stronger.

June is also known as Environment Month, we celebrated World Environment Day on the 5th, World Ocean Day on the 8th and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on the 17th. It’s a month dedicated to spreading awareness about the dire state of our natural habitats. And who is the major culprit, other than humans, you ask? Plastic.

Do you get flu every year? Think you know how to spot an old wives’ tale? There are some common flu myths that are perpetuated annually and, while many contain a grain of truth, most contain more fiction than fact. To prepare you for the next flu season, bsmart decided to look to the experts for their views on some of the most popular flu myths.

People always think it’s a great, big deed that’s needed to make a difference; only huge events can act as a catalyst. It’s so often that we overlook the small deeds, and they are the ones that can have the most significant impact on our everyday lives.

Are you tired of buying fresh fruit and vegetables, only to have the berries going mouldy and the lettuce wilting – before you get a change to eat them? With the recent VAT increase, many food items will become more expensive, so to help you reduce waste and live smart, here are 15 helpful hacks that you can adopt in your kitchen.

South Africa is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak of listeriosis. In March, the National Department of Health announced that their investigation into the source of the outbreak had led them to a processed-meat production facility in Polokwane. This is what you need to know about listeriosis, and how you can keep yourself and your family safe.