We’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to exercise outside our homes for a 3-hour window in the mornings from 6:00 - 9:00. Some people are loving the freedom, but others don’t want to risk it. And we don’t blame them at all.

Or perhaps you’re not usually an early riser and getting up before the sun to go for a run does not sound like your cup of tea. Whatever it may be, keeping active is vital for your physical and mental health, especially during these times.


Don’t sweat it

Walk around your house, challenge yourself to going up and down the stairs 20 times without taking a break. Do some lunges on the way to the washing line. Have a dance party with the kids. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Just get moving.


Support local

If you’re a regular at your local gym, find out if the trainers offer online class options now that gyms have closed for the foreseeable future. It’s a great way to continue supporting the locals and keeping fit at the same time. 


Virtually active

The internet is loaded with everything from easy to follow yoga flow sessions to workouts that will have you walking like a penguin for a few days after. Just search Youtube for ‘home workout’ or ‘yoga’ or anything specific you’d like to try. And then it is as simple as choosing a video and following along. The App store is also filled to the brim with at home workout apps and running trackers, so visit Google Play or the App Store to find one that suits your needs



Just because you’re working out at home now, doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on workout equipment. Use what you have around the house. Canned foods or milk bottles work great as weights. A towel or two can easily take the place of an expensive yoga mat. Click HERE for 31 household items that are great for home workouts. 



Set out a certain time slot during the day for being active. Mornings are great if you want to get it over and done with so that you can tackle the rest of your day charged and ready to go. Afternoons are just as beneficial as this gives you a chance to get rid of any stress built up during the day and you’ll be able to unwind before spending time with your family. Find what works for you. 


Mentally fit

We’ve partnered with Global Choices and their mental wellness partner, The Talking Point who are reaching out and paying it forward during these trying times. They are offering support and counselling services free of charge during the lockdown period. They aim to be part of the solution that will help improve the anxiety and stress suffered due to the pandemic, help manage your circumstances and focus on your health and family.


If you’re struggling to cope with the lockdown, pandemic and any results thereof, please do not hesitate to contact Global Choices on 0861 887 887 Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 21:00 during the lockdown period only. Their case managers will connect you with a qualified professional who will engage with empathy, listen carefully, and guide, counsel and assist where necessary. And if you know of someone who will benefit from this, let them know as well, then we all do a good deed for our fellow human beings.


How are you staying active at home? Are you braving the outside world during the 3-hour window every morning? Share with us on our Facebook page and member’s group


If you need any information about the current pandemic please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za/.



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