Since Eskom might be dropping the ball ... again, here’s what you can do to prepare your home in case they flip the switch at headquarters.

It’s on the news, in the papers and on your Facebook feed. Eskom has confirmed it will start selling large quantities of electricity to Zimbabwe again soon. But only part of that will be contracted on a "firm basis". The remainder will be on a "non-firm" basis.

If South Africa reinstates load shedding "any non-firm exports are reduced to zero and firm exports are reduced proportionally based on the load shedding stage," Eskom said.

So, since Eskom might be dropping the ball ... again, here’s what you can do to prepare your home in case they flip the switch at headquarters.


  • Stock up on back-up battery packs for your alarm and gate system. It’s important to ensure that your alarm system is in a working condition and the back-up battery is fully functional in the event of load shedding. It might also be a good idea to check that you know how to switch your garage door motor or electronic gate to the manual setting in the event of power cuts. 
  • Invest in a power bank for your phone or devices that need charging. It’s not only handy for when the load shedding hits, but you can also use it while travelling or when you’re out and about and you need a power boost. 
  • Get some extra lighting and put it in crucial areas in your home. Keep a torch or headlamp in your car. And make sure you have extra batteries for them. Your smartphone has a built-in torch which can come in handy during unexpected power outages. Just make sure your phone is charged before the power goes out.
  • Speaking of smartphones … Make sure you have enough mobile data for when the WiFi flies out the window with your electricity. Use Easy Airtime to buy airtime or data in 3 easy steps
  • It might be worth it to invest in a gas burner if you don’t already have a gas oven or stove. Then you can still have a cup of tea or even prepare dinner when the power is out. Click here to find a retailer near you. And remember to use your bsmart card to put some cash back in your pocket while you’re at it.
  • Unplug devices while the power is out so that the unexpected power surge doesn’t damage them when the power comes back on. You can also buy surge protectors for your fridge or freezer to cut out the hassle and risk of forgetting to plug it back in again. 
  • Plan ahead ... Keep an eye on your local municipality’s website or for updates on social media. Perhaps you can plan your a few things around the power outage so that you don’t waste time sitting in the dark. 


Do you think we have to get ready for load shedding again? How are you going to prepare?


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