We’ve all been there ... Flipping through a magazine or scrolling on Instagram and spotting the house of your dreams! Or perhaps you love your house, you’d just like to change it up a bit and turn it into a home. It is a daunting task thinking about everything you have to do to reach that #housegoal status everyone dreams of. So here are a few pointers that could help you to get started with the process. 


Map it out

Before setting out to achieve your goals, you have to know what they are. Write down all the things you would like to do that will take you closer to that instagram-ready, straight-out-of-the-magazine dream home look. Once you have identified the areas that you would like to tackle, make a moodboard (physical or online) and fill it with pictures from magazines, websites and social media inspiration. Once you know what you want and what your style is, it will be much easier finding materials or pieces to work within your bigger scheme. 

One step at a time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, quite literally! This is where your map comes in handy. You might choose to start with the cheaper tasks first and save up for the bigger challenges. Or perhaps one of the things on your list needs to be done first. Let’s say your bathtub recently developed a crack due to standing dry all these months since the water shortage hit. Then it would be a good idea to start with a bathroom makeover first as this will help you sort out the problem areas first. So when you’ve decided on the area you want to start with, be patient. More often than not these transformations takes longer than the weekend you were hoping it would. 


Your #housegoal map will also help you to plan financially. When you’ve identified all the areas that you want to work on and what type of changes you would like to make, you can start phoning around or researching how much you have to budget or save in order to achieve these goals. 

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Make it work

If you can’t tackle every single thing you set out to change in your #housegoal map, try to make it work until you have the means to rip out the old carpet or replace the tiles for example. Put down a colourful area rug or paint the kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. There are lots of clever hacks that can help distract the eye or pull your scheme together until you can get around to everything. So, be patient and be creative with what you have. 


Have you reached #housegoal status? We’d love to hear how you did it!


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