The long weekend is over and it’s back to reality for most of us. Whether you’re working from home, stuck in a cubicle or command the corner office, your workspace is where you spend most of your day. So why not make it a happy place while you’re at it! Surrounding yourself with things that spark happiness boosts creativity, productivity and morale.

Get lit

Proper lighting makes the biggest difference in your productive space. This doesn’t only shine a light on the important things, but it also takes the strain off your eyes, decreases headaches and in some cases nausea. Even if you can’t control the lighting in a shared office, you can always add a desk lamp to brighten things up. We have some great homeware stores listed among our 11 000 retailers.

Sitting pretty

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace with the capabilities and limitations of the worker in mind. Poor workplace design can lead to fatigue, frustration and even pain. This doesn’t sound like a very happy or productive situation. So, make sure your chair and computer screens (or any other tools you use during the day) are positioned correctly. Another option to consider is a trendy DeskStandtm  - you may have seen one on your colleagues desk. This just gives you the option of working while standing upright, taking the strain off your back and neck.

Sensational senses

If you’re feeling stressed or stuck in a rut, colour, scent and sound can take the edge off. Add a pop of colour by placing a piece of your favourite wrapping paper, wallpaper or some art on the wall of your space. Blues are associated with calm whereas red has an energising effect. Red and yellow can boost your creativity and green can soothe a stressed out mind.

The same goes for your nose. A recent study found that a lemony scent can reduce typing errors up to 54% as well as jasmine and lavender with 33% and 20% respectively. If you don’t want to go so far as to burn a candle or add a diffuser to your desk, try incorporating these scents in your cup of tea in the morning or squeeze some lemon over your salad for lunch.

If you can’t play some soothing whale sounds or your favourite radio station out loud, consider getting a pair of earphones and creating a playlist that you can work to. Some people prefer classical music, others like ambient background noise - whatever you prefer, you will probably be able to find it on the internet.

Keep it clear

It is easy to get lost in a pile of paper when you’re hard at work. But it is definitely worth it to take some time at the end of every day or week (depending on the scale of your pile) to go through everything on your desk and put it in its place. You can buy some funky folders or personalise the ones you have to make this task seem a bit less drab. It also helps when you organise things that should go together in easy to reach spots. Place all your pens and pencils in a cute or funny mug on top of your desk, and put anything you don’t use daily in a drawer or neat box out of the way.

Go green

It sucks being stuck indoors all day and it might feel like your computer screen is sucking the life out of you, but you can bring it back with … you guessed it … some plants. There are great indoor varieties for purifying the air, adding a pop of colour or just simply a nice conversation starter.

Bust a move

There are many health risks associated with sitting all day - these include a greater risk of obesity, heart disease and all sorts of aches and pains. A good rule of thumb is to get up and move around for a few minutes every half hour. It would be even better if you got some fresh air with a brisk walk around the block or to a nearby coffee shop during your lunch break. If you have a gym membership you can consider getting in a quick workout over lunch. These bouts of activity not only get the blood pumping to your extremities, but it also gets your creative juices flowing. If you can’t afford to leave your post, these deskercises might do the trick.

Even though these tips can help you improve on your morale and productivity at work, you have to start making changes at home first. Have a look at how you can kick a healthy eating habit into gear and start a road to a healthier happier you at work and at home.

What methods do you use to make your workspace a happy place? Share your tips with us! We share tips and tricks like this so that our members can spend, save and live smart.

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