Tired of giving flowers, chocolates or teddy bears on Valentines’ Day?  Well, fear not, there are many other ways to show your significant other that you care.


Cook dinner together:

You don’t need to be a Master Chef, just make something simple. Your effort will be appreciated more than the meal. As a bonus, you can play the music that you love and you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s conversation.


Movie night:

Put the kids to bed, make some popcorn and settle into the couch to watch your favourite old movie. If you prefer the big screen, surround sound and the latest Hollywood blockbuster, head to your closest cinema.


Make it a date:

Do you remember where you went on your first date and what you did? Hopefully you can recall most of the details and you can then recreate the event and go back to where your love story began. 



We live in an always connected world, so give your partner the gift of your undivided attention for the evening. When you get home after work, put aside your phone, laptop or iPad and don’t check emails of watch TV – spend the time chatting to your significant other.


Love letter:

There’s something quite romantic and heartfelt about a handwritten note. Whether it’s words of appreciation or a badly rhyming poem, make your letter authentically you, and your partner will love it.


Secret notes:

If penmanship isn’t your style, write a few short messages on post-its and leave them for your partner to find. We can guarantee that if you put a note in his shoes or on her coffee mug, you’ll also put a smile on their face.   


Acts of service:

Emptying the dishwasher, taking out the rubbish, doing the ironing – if these are some of the chores that your partner hates doing – you do them. Not only will it be a pleasant surprise but it will be greatly appreciated and show that you care.


Memory lane:

Everyone has old photo albums or a box of old photos hidden in a cupboard somewhere, so haul them out and spend the evening reminiscing about holidays, events and people. It’s fun reminiscing about some of your favourite memories.


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