The December holidays aren’t far away and while it’s the perfect time to have fun with friends and family, you can only truly relax if you’re confident that your home is secure while you are away. If you’re heading out of town at the end of the year, here are six security tips that will help you keep your home and possessions safe.


  1. Don’t get social


Although you are excited to head off to an exotic destination for two weeks, when you talk about it on any social media platforms, you are providing potential criminals with crucial information on your whereabouts. Talk to your family and rather upload all your pictures when you’re back home.


  1. Be secure


Your first step in home security is having a good alarm system installed and knowing that if it is triggered, the security company should only be a few minutes away. With advances in technology, you can even monitor your home quickly and simply through an app on your smartphone.


  1. House-sitters


Whether you ask a friend, family member, neighbour or you hire a reputable house-sitter, when you have a trusted person looking after your home in your absence, you’ll be more inclined to completely unwind and enjoy your break.


  1. Clean up


Even if you have someone staying at your home while you’re away, it’s important that you take care of external maintenance, such as mowing your lawn, cutting the hedge and raking up the leaves. Bring in outdoor furniture and make sure everything is well watered.


  1. Keys


Leave a spare key with someone you trust – don’t hide a key at your front door. This person can occasionally check up on your home, including collecting any post and watering your plants. This also gives the illusion of activity and may deter potential criminals.


  1. Security check


 Your last act should be a thorough check around your entire property, to ensure that all access points including gates, windows and doors are securely locked. In addition, pack away garden implements that could be used to break into your home.


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Disclaimer: The above article is for information purposes only. Please consult a suitable and qualified professional if you require security advice.