Holidays are fabulous. You can explore new cities, eat unusual food, visit interesting landmarks, learn words in a different language and maybe even make some friends.

But as much as we love expanding our minds and getting new stamps in our passports, the current economic climate is forcing many of us to rethink our idea of what constitutes a good holiday. To persuade you to be a “staycationer” this December, here are a few perks of this type of holiday and a few suggestions of things to do.


Why choose a staycation over a vacation?


  • You don’t pay for expensive airfare
  • No costly hotel bills
  • There’s no need to hire a car
  • No travelling = no packing suitcases
  • You won’t be paying in pounds, dollars or euros
  • It’s less stressful as you’ll be comfortable at home
  • There’s no need for a house, child, pet, or plant sitter
  • You can see your city in a different light


So, what kinds of things do staycationers get up to?


  1. Be curious


Museums, art galleries, science fairs, expos – be a tourist in your own city and explore the things that you wouldn’t normally consider seeing. You may spark a new interest or even learn a thing or two. Some museums also have free admission days, so do a big of research before you book tickets.


  1. Get active


South Africa is a beautiful country, with vast expanses of nature reserves and open green spaces that are perfect for exploring. Whether it’s a multi-day experience or a few hours outside, the fresh air is bound to do you good. In addition, when you use your bsmart card to buy new hiking boots from Cape Union Mart, sunblock from Clicks or sunglasses from Spec-Savers, you earn cashback. Click here to find your closest stores.


  1. Embrace your inner child


Don’t kids just have the best fun? When last did you play miniature golf, go ice skating, compete at tenpin bowling, try out quad biking or head to the zoo? Find fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, and then make an entire day of it.


  1. Go green


Everyone loves a picnic! Pack your favourite snacks, the Frisbee, the bikes or a book, and spend the afternoon in a beautiful local or national park. Explore the open spaces in your neighbourhood or, if you don’t want to travel far, set up camp in your own garden. You can also use your bsmart card to buy your summer fruit from Pick n Pay, your bike from Game or your book from CNA – and earn cashback. Click here to find your closest stores.


  1. Take it easy


Part of the joy of a staycation is that you’re on holiday, but you wake up in the comfort of your own bed. What bliss! Try unplugging, spending time in your veggie garden, hosting family lunches, playing games with the kids, doing a crossword or cooking new meals. The key is to relax!


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