Are you tired of buying fresh fruit and vegetables, only to have the berries going mouldy and the lettuce wilting – before you get a change to eat them? With the recent VAT increase, many food items will become more expensive, so to help you reduce waste and live smart, here are 15 helpful hacks that you can adopt in your kitchen.

1. Avocado: To ripen avocadoes, store them at room temperature, but after cutting them in half, squeeze lemon juice or brush olive oil on each half and store in the fridge. 2. Cheese: Lightly wet a paper towel with vinegar, wrap the cheese in it and keep in the fridge in a plastic bag. You can also rub butter on the cut parts of hard cheeses to prevent them from drying out. 3. Asparagus: Cut the bottom of the stems off and place them upright in a glass with water, as this keeps them fresh. 4. Berries: Mix one part vinegar to three parts water and use this solution to wash your berries. Pat dry and then seal and store in the fridge. 5. Celery: To keep it crisp and fresh, wrap celery in aluminium foil. 6. Milk: Store milk in glass bottles, as it seals properly, and don’t store it in the door as this is further away from the cooling element. 7. Apples: These produce ethylene gas which ripens fruit and vegetables quickly, so keep apples on their own. 8. Potatoes: Keep an apple in the bag of potatoes as this will stop them from sprouting. 9. Bread: Place fresh bread in a dry kitchen towel and then in a paper bag, as this allows the bread to breathe without it drying out. 10. Tomatoes: Store them stem side down, away from sunlight and at room temperature. 11. Greens: Transfer leafy greens to a plastic container, line the bottom with a paper towel to absorb moisture, and then seal. 12. Bananas: Keep them together rather than separating them, and wrap stems in cling wrap. 13. Mushrooms: Moisture is bad for mushrooms, so keep them in a brown paper bag and they will last longer. 14. Cucumber: These have a longer lifespan when kept at a room temperature, rather than in the fridge. 15. Onions: Put onions in a pair of tights, store in a dark, dry place and they will last longer. Expired produce is a major source of food waste, not to mention a waste of your hard-earned cash, according to the wellness website SELF. Follow these simple kitchen tricks to extend the life of your groceries, and you’ll see a difference in your wallet.

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