Of course everyone wants to have a little fun during the long weekend, but if you’re worried that it’s going to put a dent in your pocket, here are a few suggestions that are fun and affordable.

1. Movie night

Invite your friends over, make some popcorn and turn your lounge into a cinema for a night. You can also make it a family movie night, with mattresses and blankets, and by letting the kids pick the movie.

2. Visit a market, museum or gallery

With live music and plenty to see – take a walk around a local market and appreciating the arts and crafts. You can also find free or discounted tickets for galleries or museums, and add valuable ammunition to your general knowledge.

3. Go walking

If you have a dog, going for a walk is a great way to give your furry family member some exercise, while you get a bit of fresh air. You could also get your kids on their bikes and head to your local park to stretch your legs.

4. Play games

Poker with your friends, 30 Seconds with you siblings or charades with your kids, find a few fun board games and host a games evening. Get everyone to bring a snack (or order pizzas) and have a fun night in.

5. Learn a new skill

The Balance suggests a variety of skills that you can learn such as repairing a car, designing a website or knitting, but you can pick anything that interests you. Learn a new language, teach yourself how to play a musical instrument or learn to cook something new.

6. Pack a picnic

While the weather is still warm and autumn hasn’t quite arrived, get a selection of nibbles, find a blanket and head to a park or botanical garden for a picnic. Take a kite, a Frisbee or even a book and enjoy the fresh air.

7. Reorganise a room

For an inexpensive way to liven up a room in your house – why not change everything around. Put your bed against another wall, move the TV or swap the cabinet around. It’ll give you something to do and refresh your home. Along with these six suggestions, The Simple Dollar has another 97 more ways that you can have fun, while sticking to your budget.

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