The New Year’s resolutions you probably haven’t thought of (but should have).

It’s January 2018, a month where most people choose resolutions for the rest of the year. We all know the common goals, such as losing weight, eating more veggies and finding a better work-life balance, but we’ve suggested a few others to help you get more organised for the year ahead.



When was the last time you went to the dentist? Need an eye test? Do you have a mole that you’re worried about? Make your health a priority and look at these 10 appointments to make for your health.


According to Netstar, a regular service can prevent your car from breaking down and it could save your life and the lives of your passengers. Here is an easy-to-use guide.


You know all those projects you’ve been avoiding, well now is the time to tackle them. Get your framed photos on the wall, paint the bedroom, fix the broken chair and plant those herbs.


Do you know what you pay on your store cards? Have you set a budget for 2018? Want to focus on your retirement? Here’s an annual financial planning checklist from Investopedia, so you can recap on the most important money matters in your life.


Group things together (like wrapping paper, scissors and sticky tape) and put them in labelled containers or find a place for them in a specific cupboard. When everything has its place, your home will be tidy and orderly and things will be far easier to find.


ID, passport and birth certificate – take all your important documents and make copies that you can keep in a safe place. You should also consider backing up all your photos, just in case you lose the originals.


To give yourself a fresh to the year, start by donating or recycling old clothes, toys and things you don’t use anymore. Not only are you giving something a second lease on life but you also have less to clean and organise. Here are 12 creative ways for you to declutter your home.


Well done, you’ve tackled your 2018 to-do list, now it’s time to plan some fun. Spend quality time with your family while enjoying the glorious South African summer. Travelstart suggests 50 top tourist attractions in South Africa that are sure to keep you busy.

You have a whole year of opportunities ahead of you, so take a fresh look at your resolutions and set the tone for a fulfilling 2018.

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