The much-anticipated Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November every year and this month it falls on the 29th. This discount bonanza originally started in the USA and slowly but surely moved on to other parts of the world as well. Several retailers have announced their Black Friday deals well in advance to get their customers ready to shop. And some have even had some great deals all throughout November as a build-up the big one tomorrow. Have you cashed in on a Black Friday deal this month? If not, don’t worry, you’re not missing out. 


Here are a few of our retailers that slashing their prices for the big day tomorrow. Get your black bsmart cards ready, it’s time to shop. 



  • Shoprite and Checkers


1,000 Shoprite, Checkers, and Checkers Hyper stores across South Africa are gearing up for the big day. And remember the added bonus of the new Xtra Savings rewards cards at Checkers - savings upon savings when you swipe your Xtra Savings card and bsmart card at the same time! Click HERE for the Shoprite flyer and HERE for Checkers.


  • Pick n Pay


They’re definitely not going to let their competition have all the fun. The deals already kicked off online on Monday in anticipation of the deals that will be available in-store come Friday. Click HERE for the lowdown.


  • Woolworths


Off course Woolies came to the party with some amazing deals throughout the week, and they will be continuing them well into the weekend. HERE is a flyer or two to get yourself clued up.


  • Dis-chem


We already love Dischem for the spectacular savings on any regular day! And in conjunction with Black Friday, you will save even more! What’s even better is that their deals will be available from 29 November to 1 December, giving you a full weekend of savings! Click HERE to be the first in the know.


  • Clicks


The leader of the buy two get 1 free game is also participating in the saving celebrations. Their countdown to Black Friday is already live, so you don’t have to wait another second to start saving! Click HERE.


  • Game


There really is something for everyone at Game! They will be running in-store Black Friday promotions on the day and some stores will be extending their business hours on Friday. Check out their catalogues HERE.


  • Makro


This is another giant in the savings game. They have a page dedicated to their massive BLACK 5 DAY rendition of the traditional Black Friday. So be sure to check it out HERE.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Retailers all over South Africa are taking part to bring you spectacular savings and dreamy deals on the last weekend of November. Whether you’re getting ahead on your Christmas gifts or shopping for some new appliances, there’s something for everyone on Black Friday. An added benefit of swiping your bsmart card tomorrow is that you will be contributing to your next bsmart bonus. So don’t be shy. Swipe away!


If you’re wondering where to shop, click on our map and search for or filter by category for more than 12 000 retailers that are part of the bsmart network. 


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