The silly season is here and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift we’ve got you covered. We’ve got more than 12 000 retailers in our network where you can shop to your heart’s content. We’re sure you’ll find something for everyone! Yes, even for mom who claims she “already has everything she needs”.

So first off, what makes a good present? Ask yourself three questions:
- Is it thoughtful?
- Is it useful?
- And is it novel?
If you answered yes to any of these, you have a winner. You might notice that we didn’t mention anything about the price tag. Well, that’s because the price has nothing to do with how good a gift you’re giving. You can even make it yourself!

Make it yourself options

Let’s face it, buying presents for a whole bunch of people can really add up. And we don’t know about you, but some homemade cookies, a batch of creamy fudge or a do it yourself drinks kit sound like a great gift! So here are a few ideas you can give a try:

  1. Sweet or savoury treats are a great stocking filler. Bake or prepare a snack you know the person will love and put it in a simple brown paper bag or reuse a box or empty glass jar and tie some festive string around it. Voila!
  2. Body scrubs are really easy, inexpensive and fun to make. Click HERE for some heavenly recipes.
  3. Have a few remnants of candles left? Melt them all together in a pretty jar (make sure it is suitable to be used close to heat) and tie a ribbon around it. You can even add a sweet note or create your own label. No one else would be able to say they have this brand of candle!
  4. Try your hand at a craft. Potato paint a dishtowel. Knit a scatter cushion cover or knee blanket. Or crochet a trinket holder or pot plant cover for the plant lover in your life. Your time and effort will not be in vain!
  5. There are so many ideas on the internet. Get searching and be creative!

Where to shop

If you’re looking for something to cure a sweet tooth or for something to keep the snack monster at bay, these stores will have everything you need:

Shoprite | OK Foods | Checkers | Pick n Pay | Woolworths | Spar | Food Lovers Market

Do you have a DIY pro in your midst? Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves prettying their home. We’ve got a whole host of retailers that can help in this department:

Pep Home | Ok Furniture | Woolworths | Game | Builders Warehouse and more …

We all have one or two family members that are always dressed to the nines. Or perhaps gramps is in desperate need of some new shirts. Whether they are fashionistas or commit regular faux pas … everyone needs some news thread to ring in the new year:

Pep | Ackermans | Jet | Edgars (Edcon Group) | Tekkie Town | Woolworths | Cape Union Mart | Old Khaki | Refinery | Shoe City | Poetry and more ... 

Everyone loves smelling nice and looking good. So why not head to some of our health and beauty retailers to find the perfect gift:

Clicks | Woolworths | Mullers Optometry | Dischem | Torga Optical | Medi Rite Pharmacy and more …

Spend smart this season

The festive season doesn’t have to be about the biggest, fanciest presents under the tree. So to cut some costs, why don’t you arrange a Secret Santa set-up at home this year. This way each person only has to purchase one gift. And you can set a price limit.

Or if you don’t like the Secret Santa idea, you can still set a budget, so that no one feels left out and no one feels the need to impress with an expensive gift.

If you are going to be spending some money, be sure to bsmart about it! Use your bsmart card and add to you cashback bonus for next year. And remember to use those loyalty cards as well! The savings really do add up when you use all the tools at your disposal.



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