Your little one means the world to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to rob a bank every time their birthday party rolls around. With a little creativity and thinking outside the box you can throw the best birthday party without breaking the budget. 

It’s tempting to want to upstage the last birthday party your little princess or superhero attended, but is that the most important part of the day? It’s important to remember that your little one probably isn’t too worried about the expensive decorations, gourmet bakes and star-rating of the venue! So let your creative juices flow and just have fun!  



The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to DIY just about any party theme you can imagine. So before you hit the shops and buy a bunch of readymade decorations, do some research for ideas on how to achieve your desired look by doing it yourself. Pinterest is overflowing with DIY printables and instructions on how you can achieve a look that will have people asking for the number of the event planner you hired for the job. Search for stores in your area using our handy map and use your bsmart card to save while you’re spending on party supplies.

Try to think outside the box and find ways to reuse the previous years decorations. Or perhaps one of the other moms recently held a party with the theme you’re going for, ask them if you can borrow/rent or buy it from them. This will save you time and money!



Let’s be honest, most kiddie parties actually cater for the parents. This doesn’t have to be the case. Sure if your children are still at that age where the parents have to supervise, you can supply coffee, tea or something cold for the moms and dads. But generally speaking, a cake or cupcakes are more than enough - for kids and parents. There really is no need for tables packed with sugary snacks. The children will be too busy having the time of their lives while you try to tell them that they can have their cake and eat it at a certain time during the festivities - they’re there to celebrate after all. 



Be creative with this one. Your backyard or a park nearby might be the perfect venue for a birthday party. A blanket or two and a picnic basket is just what you need to have a lovely day in the fresh air. And if the weather isn’t playing along, why not throw a bunch of pillows on the floor in the living room and watch the brand new animated movie. You don’t have to hire a fancy venue to throw the party of their dreams. 


Talking about the latest blockbuster … why not set up an outdoor cinema in the backyard? Just use a blank wall, or hang a sheet and project the movie onto it. Put some pillows and blankets on the lawn and there you have it. If you have family members who are good sports, have them dress up as their favourite characters or do a few magic tricks. If you have arty friends or family they can do some face painting. No need to hire the professionals, just ask around or watch a Youtube tutorial, you’ll figure it out!

Goodie bags

It’s time to rethink the classic goodie bag. Instead of stuffing it with sugar laden sweets, why not give the partygoers something that will last longer than the car ride home. This little gift doesn’t have to break the bank! It can be something as simple as homemade bubbles or a booklet filled with handpicked colouring pages - have your little one put a selection together. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it will also save your fellow moms and dads from having to deal with hyped up sugar monsters with candy coming out of their ears.


Have you recently hosted a budget busting birthday party? We’d love to hear how you did it!


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