So, you’ve got a bsmart card! That means you’re well on your way to saving some big bucks when spending your hard earned cash! Whether you’re buying the absolute necessities or splurging on something nice, be sure to swipe your bsmart card to boost your savings.


Scroll on down to see where you can swipe your bsmart card and get cash back in your pocket.


Food ranks pretty high up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so why not save while you’re at it? Shop like a pro with these handy hints and be sure to swipe your bsmart card to save and contribute towards your cashback bonus!


Shoprite | OK Foods | Checkers | Pick n Pay | Woolworths | Spar | Food Lovers Market

Hitting the road soon for a winter getaway? Be sure to swipe your bsmart card to pay for your fuel and essential maintenance checks like tyres before you pack your bags.


*Fuel purchases do not contribute to your cashback bonus.


Engen | Caltex | Total | Shell | BP | Tiger Wheel & Tyre and more ...


Need to fix something at home? Or do you want to change up your decor this season? Whether you’re priming, painting, hammering or picking out a new sofa, we’ve got you covered with retailers where you can shop and save while you’re living your best DIY life!


Pep Home | Ok Furniture | Woolworths | Game | Builders Warehouse and more ...

Had a long day? Not in the mood to cook for the whole family? We feel you! So we’ve partnered with a bunch of restaurants where you can sit back and let someone else do the dishes! Enter your location on this map to find the restaurants close to you.


Hungry Lion | Cattle Baron | Spur and more ...

Whether you’re hitting the town, nailing that job interview or heading for the hills for a hiking trip, you have to dress for the occasion. Choose your favourite stores, get ready, and swipe to start saving on the latest fashion and gear.


Pep | Ackermans | Jet | Edgars (Edcon Group) | Tekkie Town | Woolworths | Cape Union Mart | Old Khaki | Refinery | Shoe City | Poetry and more ...


Flu season is here, so head to our partnered pharmacies to stock up on vitamins and other essentials to beat the winter cold. We’ve also partnered with a few optometrists if you need to sharpen up your vision. And if you simply want to beautify with some new stock for your make-up bag, you can swipe and save while looking fly!


Clicks | Woolworths | Mullers Optometry | Dischem | Torga Optical | Medi Rite Pharmacy and more ...

Remember to enter your location on this map to find the retailers close to you to start saving!


Read our blog for more tips and shopping like a pro and life hacks that could save you time and money to get started on your savings!

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